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There may be concerns with the warranty on your system.

We are an independent contractor in Atlantic Canada.  Between May 15, 2014 and December 30, 2015, we sold hundreds of Daikin systems with a promised 6 year labor warranty from the manufacturer. Despite numerous requests for supporting documentation on the implied 6 year labor warranty, Daikin would never produce such a document for our customers.

We have been receiving phone calls and emails from customers explaining that Daikin has no record  of any labor coverage for their systems.  Daikin has told our customers that this warranty must have been something sold or implied by our dealership, completely independent of Daikin.

Daikin claims to offer the best warranties in the business. Daikin's warranty certificates mention nothing about warranty transferability and clearly indicate that the warranty is only valid to the owner of the residence at the time of installation and his/her spouse. Although there is nothing in writing, Daikin claims that they do offer warranty to a subsequent homeowner, but cannot change the name on the warranty document from the original owner nor provide the subsequent owner with any documentation to confirm they have any remaining warranty.

Most Daikin dealers are advertising that Daikin offers 12 years parts and 10 years labor on certain models of heat pump systems.   As per Daikin's warranty certificate supplied with every new Daikin system, Daikin does not offer labor on these systems, therefor this warranty is either being covered by the installing dealer or a third party and not that of the manufacturer.  These advertisements are misleading and not a true representation of the warranty you may be recieving when purchasing a Daikin branded heat pump system. 

Know who you're dealing with and what you're purchasing BEFORE you buy.  

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